Current Projects

“Refining and testing methods for identifying and quantifying gaseous oxidized mercury in air”
Collaborators: Mae Gustin, Seth Lyman, Adriel Luippold

“Pet Food Mercury & Genetics Experiment at University of Nevada, Reno: Determining percent methylmercury and identifying sources of protein contamination in companion animal foods and treats”
Collaborators: Mae Gustin, Mike Teglas, Lindsay Chichester, Margarita Vargas, Adriel Luippold, Margarita Vargas Estrada

Manuscripts In Preparation
Mercury Team

left to right: Dr. Mae Gustin, Dr. Sarrah Dunham-Cheatham, Adriel Luippold (May ’18)

“Glucose-primed soil organic carbon mineralization under an anaerobic-aerobic transition”
Authors: Sarrah M. Dunham-Cheatham, Qian Zhao, Simon Poulson, Daniel Obrist, and Yu Yang

“Anaerobic-aerobic transition regulates the oxidation of organic carbon”
Authors: Qian Zhao, Sarrah M. Dunham-Cheatham, Simon Poulson, and Yu Yang

“Biogeochemical fate of ferrihydrite-model organic compound complexes during anaerobic reduction”
Authors: Dawit Wardofa, Dinesh Adhikari, Sarrah M. Dunham-Cheatham, Qian Zhao, Simon Poulson, Yuanzhi Tang, and Yu Yang; In preparation.

“The influence of Fe on C mineralization following rewetting of degraded meadow soils in the Sierra Nevadas”
Authors:Cody Reed, Sarrah M. Dunham-Cheatham, Sarah Castle, and Benjamin Sullivan

“Chronological relationships between microbial community and aboveground plant community diversity in W. S. Cooper’s succession sites in Glacier Bay National Park”
Authors: Sarah Bisbing, Brian Buma, Sarrah M. Dunham-Cheatham, Sarah Castle, David Vuono, and Benjamin Sullivan

“In situ remobilization potential of noncrystalline U(IV) species in groundwater”
Authors: Daniel Alessi, Malgorzata Stylo, Juan Lezama Pacheco, Sarrah M. Dunham-Cheatham, Kenneth Williams, Philip Long, John Bargar, and Rizlan Bernier-Latmani

Submitted Manuscripts & Book Chapters

“Evaluation of cation exchange membrane performance under exposure to high Hgº and HgBr2 concentrations”
Authors: Matthieu Miller, Mae Gustin, Sarrah M. Dunham-Cheatham, and Grant Edwards
Revisions submitted

“Plant-soil relationships in a native salt desert shrubland differ from relationships in an adjacent restored field”
Authors: Sarrah M. Dunham-Cheatham, Stephanie Freund, Shauna Uselman, Elizabeth Leger, and Benjamin Sullivan
In review

“General Techniques in Geochemistry and Microbiology”
In: Analytical Geomicrobiology (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge)
Authors: Sarrah M. Dunham-Cheatham and Yaqi You
Finalized, prints expected 2019

Peer-Reviewed Publications

“Aerobic respiration of mineral-bound organic carbon in a soil”
Authors: Dinesh Adhikari, Sarrah M. Dunham-Cheatham, Dawit Wordofa, Paul Verburg, Simon Poulson, and Yu Yang
Science of The Total Environment, (2019) 651, 1253-1260

“The effect of natural organic matter on the adsorption of mercury to bacterial cells”
Authors: Sarrah M. Dunham-Cheatham, Bhoopesh Mishra, Satish Myneni, and Jeremy B. Fein
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, (2015) 150, 1-10

“The effect of chloride on the adsorption of Hg onto three bacterial species”
Authors: Sarrah M. Dunham-Cheatham, Brian Farrell, Bhoopesh Mishra, Satish Myneni, and Jeremy B. Fein
Chemical Geology, (2014) 373, 106-114

“Bioreduction of hydrogen uranyl phosphate: mechanisms and U(IV) products”
Authors: Xue Rui, Man Jae Kwon, Edward O’Loughlin, Sarrah M. Dunham-Cheatham, Jeremy B. Fein, Bruce A. Bunker, Kenneth Kemner, and Maxim Boyanov
Environmental Science & Technology, (2013) 47, 5668-5678

“The effects of non-metabolizing bacterial cells on the precipitation of U, Pb and Ca phosphates”
Authors: Sarrah M. Dunham-Cheatham, Xue Rui, Bruce A. Bunker, Nicolas Menguy, Roland Hellmann, and Jeremy B. Fein
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, (2011) 75, 2828-2847


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